Room Darkening Shades

room-darkening-shadesControl the Light Coming into Your Home

With room darkening shades, you can eliminate light entirely for midday naps or a home theater experience or simply give your home an extra layer of visual privacy while slightly reducing the amount of light. Room darkening shades are especially useful for:

  • Bedrooms to help improve sleep
  • Living rooms to reduce glare on a television
  • Any room in the house to reduce harsh light coming in from a big window facing the sun

Deflecting sunlight also saves on energy bills during hot St. Louis summers. Victor Shade offers many different shades with room darkening options so you can find the window treatment that will give you the style and light control you desire.

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Silhouette A Duex

Two shades in one, the Silhouette A Deux combines a Silhouette shade with a room darkening roller shade in the same headrail. This back shade operates independently from the Silhouette, allowing you to easily control the amount of light that comes into your bedroom or other living space.silhouette-a-duex-room-darkening-shades

Silhouette Duolite

The Silhouette Duolite provides the light diffusing effect of a sheer shade with the room darkening you desire. With a smaller headrail, you can easily mount the room darkening roller shade behind the main shade where it will recede out of sight. When the Silhouette is in the down position and the vanes are open, the room darkening roller shade can operates independently, allowing you to reduce the amount of light coming into your home.


Vignette Roman Shades

Vignette Roman Shades offer versatile light control with an optional room darkening shade. This shade is mounted behind the main shade via a secondary, smaller headrail without making bulky. Simply lower the room darkening shade when you desire a darkening effect in your bedroom or living room for movie night.


Design Studio Roman Shades

For complete light control, combine this soft window treatment with a room darkening liner. The room darkening liner can be attached to a secondary headrail to operate independently of the main shade. the room darkening shade recedes into the headrail, keeping it out of sight and out of mind until you need

Designer Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades come with an optional room darkening shade mounted on a secondary headrail behind the main headrail. This secondary headrail provides you with the desired room darkening effect you need without sacrificing the smaller headrail you want. Leave it up during the day to let light into the space and lower it at night to block outside light from coming into your home.


Provenance Woven Wood Shades

If you love the look of woven wood shades but still need room darkening, Provenance Woven Wood Shades offer room darkening liners. These liners are attached to a smaller headrail under the main headrail to keep the room darkening shade out of sight when not in use. When you want to darken a room, simply lower the independently moving room darkening shade.provenance-woven-wood-shades-room-darkening

Horizon Woven Wood

The Horizon Woven Wood Shades come with many room darkening liner options that can be attached below the shade’s headrail as one unit. Simply choose the level of room darkening you desire and pair it with your favorite pattern for the stylish room darkening effect you desire.