Roller Shades

Roller Shades have changed a lot over the years.   There are beautiful color, pattern, and texture choices to enhance the look of your home.    In addition, we offer several “lift” options, including motorization. At Victor Shade Company, we have many options for you to choose.

Designer Roller Shades


An updated version on the traditional roller shade, this product offers opacities from sheer to opaque and patterns from solids to florals in a variety of colors.  If you like the look of a sheer shade during the day, but a room darkening option for the night, you can choose a double shade with a sheer shade in the front and a blackout liner in the back.  Leave the liner up during the day to allow the light through the sheer shade, and pull it down at night to darken you room.  It’s a “win-win”.

Screen Shades


Screen Shades are available in several different opacities and are a very popular option. We like to compare them to a sweater. A more tightly woven sweater lets in less cold. A more loosely knit sweater has more holes and keeps out less cold. With a screen shade, the tighter the weave, the less light that is allowed in. Bigger holes allow more light. At the low end of the opacity spectrum (bigger holes), light filters into the room and excellent view-through is achieved. They provide excellent UV protection, while maintaining your view of the outdoors. These shades are perfect for your patio or sunroom. At the high end of the opacity spectrum (smaller holes), you can achieve a room darkening effect. One thing to remember, though, what you can see out during the day is what people on the outside can see in at night when your lights are on.

At Victor Shade, we offer Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades with many colors and patterns to choose from. In addition, we offer screen shades in the exclusive Alustra® collection, which contains additional luxurious fabrics and contemporary metal hardware and bottom rails. We also offer Commercial screen shades, which have a less extensive line, but are an economical option.

Alustra® Woven Textures


Alustra® Woven Textures offer a cross between a solar screen shade and a woven wood shade. Natural textures and woven patterns beautifully filter light and have a clean, simple appearance. Available in 12 fabrics and 47 colors.