Installations with Victor Shade

installations3Installing your own window treatments can be a pain. At Victor Shade, our certified installers take care of everything for you, including:

  • Temporary window treatments
  • Product quality checks
  • Scheduling
  • Installation
  • A limited time warranty

Temporary Window Treatments

In the interim between placing and receiving your order, we provide temporary shades for any affected privacy areas for which you are purchasing treatments. These shades keep rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, comfortable until your product arrives. If you wish to have temporary shades for other rooms in your home, we will be happy to provide them for a nominal cost.

Quality Checks

Once you have ordered your window treatment, the product will arrive at our warehouse within three weeks (shutters take six to eight weeks). There, we unbox the product and perform a quality check. This process also ensures that all obsolete packaging is disposed of at our headquarters to save your home from unnecessary mess.

Scheduling Around You

We understand that our customers lead busy lives. That’s why we call you and arrange a time to install your window treatments. We arrive when it’s convenient for you.

Quick & Clean Installation

At your home, we completely install your window treatments with no hassle to you. Once installed, we clean up any extraneous mess and your latest interior design project is complete.

Victor Shade’s Limited Warranty

We provide our customers with a limited warranty for the first year of your purchase. Should your window treatments require our services, a certified Victor Shade installer will be at your window to fix them. The Victor Shade Warranty is in addition to the longer manufacturer warranties for your product.

Questions? Call Victor Shade Today at (314) 428-7979